The Trouble with Goog

Goog is the nickname for my middle werewolf and he is now 5. He is beyond picky when it comes to most things. I sometimes wonder if he takes great pleasure in making things difficult for us. I am constantly looking online for help in his eating especially. They always give tips like eat together, don’t make a fuss, make food fun, let them help cook, and start them out eating healthy as an infant. All my boys ate tons of veggies as infants and even after turning one. My oldest still likes salad over most meat and the youngest is still in his “I will say no to everything just because I can” stage so he doesn’t count. So starting them out right is not the issue and we always eat together. I make all of them help in the kitchen and they even get to pick what we cook. My boys fight over who gets to help make things in the kitchen so that is not an issue either. I try not to make a fuss over what they eat either because mostly they tune me out anyhow.  Making food fun if you follow what they suggest means I would spend extra time making tiny portions of things or making a sandwich look like a clown. All that effort for something I can almost guarantee will only get a raised eyebrow and then won’t be eaten. I would really like to meet these children who will suddenly eat veggies if you just make them into a happy little mouse because Goog would just give me the fisheye and ask for chicken wings. Let me explain what I mean about Goog and his picky eating. He must be one of the few American children who abhors macaroni and cheese. I mean he won’t even try it. If you serve him pizza the toppings must be on top of the cheese or he thinks you are hiding something awful under there. Goog will eat nothing that has more than one ingredient that is visible. Casseroles are right out as is stew or soup. Chicken noodle soup is okay as long as he only sees the noodles. Chili is okay as long as all he sees is the meat. He likes corn on the cob but take it off of the cob and he will not touch it. Fruit in smoothie form is okay as is strawberries with about a ½ cup of sugar. No fish of any kind will Goog eat not even fish sticks which I don’t believe are even fish. Goog would be happy if all I ever served was meat with the occasional cake thrown in. Oh, did I mention that if you so much as put one tiny piece of bell pepper in a dish that he can detect it? Yep, he can. I have to deny all knowledge of any such pepper. So every week when I make out our menu I have to take all that into consideration because it is just not worth the hassle. The crazy thing is he loves stuff like pesto, chimichurri sauce, fried okra, and he goes crazy for cauliflower tossed in paprika and roasted! So packing his lunch for Kindergarten is going to be a real adventure. I will let you know what works and what doesn’t in case you too have a Goog in your life. I am thinking of taking some dry runs in these last few weeks before school just so that I can maybe get a few ideas of things I can send. Wish me luck!

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  1. Aunt Cindy in Texas says:

    Sounds like he’s going to grow up to be a meat & potatoes kind of guy! Good luck on packing a school lunch that he will actually eat. BTW I picked every tiny sliver of onion out of every dish that Mom cooked until I was 10.

  2. Aunt Cindy in Texas says:

    I don’t think I’ve told you this story because I didn’t want to give the werewolves any ideas. Mom made what she called Spanish Rice, chopped onion, chopped green bell pepper, rice and a can of tomato sauce all cooked together. *shudder* I hated it. We had to stay at the table until we ate everything on our plate, so I’d wait until everyone else had left, then I’d pretend to eat the Spanish Rice while shoveling it into a concealed handkerchief. Then, after telling Mom that I was done and had eaten the rice, I’d take it outside and bury it in the yard. Years later, I told Mom and she said that she’d always wondered why handkerchief seemed to disappear around our house!

  3. I think-because he likes sauces with rather subtle, complicated layers of flavor- that his tastes will run to the gourmet. Right now it’s a control issue -maybe he likes only one thing per dish because he wants to be the only kid, the other boys are somewhat similar in looks,etc.but Goog is different -he might see that as special when he’s older- but now it might be lonely. We’ll just have to love him through and out of what I hope is only a difficult phase.

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